Home Photography Guide

Planning how to setup a home photography studio with a budget in mind can often be quite overwhelming. With so many factors to think about, where does one begin? I went to my local big name photography studios and compared pricing, facilities and equipment. The first step to take before purchasing any equipment was to do some basic research on the various photo studios around me.

Once I had some basic information on what each studio had to offer, I set a budget and set some guidelines for myself. I knew that I would have to pay for additional photography studios fees if I wanted to hire additional staff or space, so this gave me a starting point in case I wasn’t able to afford everything on my own. After I set my budget, I then began to shop around for photography equipment. I knew that this may be a lot more expensive than I initially thought, but since I didn’t have to spend money, I didn’t have to worry about making a profit.

One of the most important items to include in your home photography studio is lighting. I prefer natural light over artificial light, so I purchased several different types of lights, including, but not limited to, recessed, track, recessed down and ceiling lights. Other items to consider purchasing include a stand for your easel, backdrop, backdrops, and lamps. I also recommend purchasing a timer, diffuser, and/or covering the flash bulb(s). I also recommend setting up your studio area in a location where you are able to have natural light shine on your photos for the best results.