Types of Cranes for a Warehouse – Stacker, Gantry + Bridge Crane

There are a variety of diverse types of cranes you can acquire to conduct effective operations at your warehouse. These include Stacker, Gantry,Truck-mounted, the Bridge crane. Each type of crane can be used for various purposes, so you should choose the best style for your needs.

cranes for a warehouse

Overhead Bridge crane

The overhead crane or bridge crane is a heavy duty machinery used in a variety of industries. For example, in the manufacturing industry, overhead cranes are utilised to transport large materials. They also help in reducing the investment cost of a factory.

These cranes are designed to be safe and efficient. They make use of a single rail and provide an enormous lifting power. A warehouse overhead crane can be installed in various configurations and is suitable for various applications.

The structure of the warehouse overhead crane includes a central beam, an end beam, and a girder. The end beam is made of I-beam, crisscross reinforced ribs, or steel plate.

To get the best performance, cranes must be carefully planned. This involves considering several factors, such as the type of material being handled, the loading capacity, and the space available.

If the material being transported is hazardous, an explosion-proof overhead crane is an ideal solution. However, depending on the application, other equipment may be needed.

Gantry cranes

The construction industry uses gantry cranes in warehouses and other facilities to move equipment quickly. Gantries are also used in railway stations, power infrastructure, and even for moving signs.

Gantry cranes are overhead lifting systems mainly composed of a girder, a hoist, and a trolley. Depending on the capacity, the crane may have either single or double beams.

Gantry cranes are energy efficient and provide safe and comfortable lifting operations. They can be manually operated or remotely controlled. Gantry cranes are ideal for lifting loads that are light to heavy. Using a gantry crane is also simple and requires minimum maintenance.

The Spanco line of gantry cranes is renowned for quality construction, unsurpassed strength, and precision tolerances. All gantry cranes are designed for long-term use and come with various options. These include an adjustable height option for added flexibility and a portable version for multiple applications.

Portable gantry cranes are great for moving a gantry to a new location. Their ability to move allows workers to access their engines from every angle.

Stacker cranes

Stacker cranes are the perfect answer if you have a warehouse and need to increase the storage capacity. They are automatic machines that help to store and retrieve products automatically.

Stacker cranes are available in various sizes and models to suit the needs of any warehouse. They can be operated from the crane cab, or they can be controlled remotely.

Stacker cranes are highly responsive and can handle a wide range of movement flows. This means that they can be operated even in high-bay warehouses. In addition, they can work in temperatures as low as -30 deg.

The type of stacker crane you need depends on the size and load you need to store. For example, if you need to hold heavy loads, you will need a stacker crane with a tall mast. However, if you are looking for a smaller load, you will need a stacker crane with a single column.

If you are planning to build a warehouse, you will need to determine the type of product you need to store and the layout of your facility. You will also need to consider your budget and desired goals.

Truck-mounted cranes

Truck-mounted cranes are used for a variety of different purposes. They are commonly used in the infrastructure, manufacturing, and industrial fields. However, their most common use is in construction and plant manufacturing.

Increasing demand for heavy machinery in developing countries is expected to drive the truck-mounted crane market. However, the industry is facing some challenges. One major issue is the COVID-19 outbreak.

This virus has spread rapidly around the world. As a result, it poses a severe threat to the global economy. In addition, it has also affected the growth of the truck-mounted crane industry.

While the global market has experienced some challenges, it is expected to recover in the coming years. Furthermore, government programs are driving the industry. These initiatives are expected to help spur the demand for high-load capacity cranes.

In addition, the growing demand for cranes in end-use sectors also contributes to the market’s growth. As a result, Tadano is aiming to become the leading manufacturer among the key players in the global market.